GLSU Covid – 19 Response

One of the most common questions that we address during the admissions is regarding the safety aspect on campus. Most parents are anxious if GLS University’s FBA-NRBBA is the ‘safe campus’, and it is with pride that we all can say that this is one of the safest campuses in the country. There has never been any incident of ragging, and in fact, we are reputed for an incredible rapport that the seniors develop with their juniors. On the very first day all the new entrants to FBA-NRBBA experience the warm welcome. Seniors in organize ice breaking games take them on campus tours. The first yearites feel completely ‘at home’ in FBA-NRBBA.

Even during the Covid 19 pandemic crisis, as one of the most respected and long-standing institutions in Gujarat, GLS University has taken its responsibility very seriously. From donating Rs. 51 lakhs to the CM’s Relief Fund, special scholarship for COVID-19 affected students for the academic year 2020-21, GLS University is doing its bit in line with our motto of “Learn, Love, Serve”.

To this end we have taken a number of significant operational decisions.

Whilst we all are adapting to new norms of maintaining the social distance; GLS University is investing heavily into world-class ONLINE platforms and Learning Technologies that will ensure that the education delivery continues uninterrupted. This initiative would put our university at par with the leading global universities that have adopted to high-tech educational innovations enabling us in doing all academic tasks ONLINE such as:

  1. Conduct and Record Online Virtual Video Lectures
  2. Arranging Online Exams, Presentations, Quizzes and Assignments
  3. Enabling Online Group or Collaborative work
  4. Online Query resolution
  5. Online Grading, Feedback and Announcement of Results