1. We are not from Ahmedabad, and we don't know anyone here. I am worried about my child’s safety on the college campus. What should I and my child know about staying safe?

First of all, rest assured that your child/ward is going to be absolutely safe on FBA-NRBBA campus. Right from the staff members to the senior students, all put up a collaborative effort to make the new students feel comfortable and safe. As far as the security measures are concerned, the campus is under CCTV surveillance, and there is 24 hour security placed on all the gates. In case, if students have any problems they can speak to their counselors/seniors or whoever they have managed to build a rapport with. The college also has an anti-ragging cell, however; we take immense pride in the fact that ever since its inception in 1997, FBA-NRBBA has never had any ragging case.

2. What should we be careful about as far as the progress of our child is concerned?

As a parent, you need to see that your child completes all the components (Internal as well as external) required to clear the semester. In case they miss the exam or assignment submission due to medical emergency, we would expect a word from one of the parents informing us.

3. How will the college communicate with the parents?

The college takes phone numbers, email ids and residential addresses of all the parents and wards. In case we need to get in touch with parents, we send a text message, e-mail or send a letter. In case of emergency, you may receive a call from college as well. We, therefore, insist that you give all the contact details carefully, and update them as soon as there is a change.

4. Is it necessary to attend the orientation session?

The orientation session is an event, where the students and parents are briefed about the academics, exams and other activities. We believe that parents should also be informed about what their child is going to study and how their college life would be. Therefore, we insist that at least one of the parents attends the orientation session.

5. Does my child have to do the internship during BBA programme?

Though it is not a mandate from the university, we, at FBA-NRBBA make sure that every student does minimum one internship in each semester. This internship helps the students understand the theory they learn in the classroom, and help develop their overall personality and gain confidence. The internship could be online or offline, depending upon the requirement of the company and convenience of the student.

6. How do i get to know about the examination dates and other important dates?

Every student will be given the academic planner in the very beginning of each term. Our request to all parents is that they acquaint themselves with the planner, and schedule any family gathering or trip keeping in mind their child’s exam dates.

7. My child has studied in science stream/Gujarati Medium, would they be able to cope in the BBA programme?

There are bridge courses in Accountancy, Finance for the science stream students and in English for those who are from Gujarati medium schools. These bridge courses enable students to be at par with those who are from commerce stream or from English medium schools.