Enrich – Academic Club

Enrich is a club that administers activities related to academics, where the participants need to shake their brains and think! During the lock down, Enrich Club conducted “The 9:00 pm Quiz” on a weekly basis, on their Instagram handle. These ranged from Food Quiz to Games Quiz, IT Quiz to Literature Quiz, Travel Quiz to Business Quiz. Each quiz had minimum 50 to 60 participants who enjoyed different questions from the fields of their own interests. Apart from the quizzes the Enrich club also organized Creative Writing Competition where 8 best pieces were chosen out of 17 entries. One of the most interesting competitions was Advertising contest where students were given three products – a broom, a belan (Rolling pin) and a pair of jeans! Another very interesting event was Virtual Group Discussion where around 25 participants discussed abstract topics like “Pink”! Apart from GLS University, students from renowned institutes like IIM Amritsar, FLAME Pune, Ahmedabad University, Nirma University also took part in this VGD.