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Some of the student’s ventures are

Raj Bodat (IIM A)

I can earnestly say that the skills I developed at FBA (Formerly NRBBA) have been instrumental in being able to crack CAT and be part of the illustrious IIM. I played football for the college team, was part of the Organizing Committee Member, was part of designing the academic club and all these experiences gave me the skills that I need to survive today.

Shivang Ganatra (IIM Ranchi)

The faculty team here has a very hands on approach! They do not restrict themselves to the classroom teaching. All the assistance that a student requires for career growth is provided by the faculty members. The open door policy followed here is one of the best guidance tools that a student can hope for.

Tanvi Asawa (MICA)

Focused training for career development is the key to success and no other place understands this better than FBA (Formerly NRBBA). I was clear from the beginning that I wanted to pursue a career in branding and so MICA was aim. The training that I received at college was more than enough to prepare me for my masters.

Harshil Shah (Company Secretary)

The common understanding is that BBA students cannot purse courses such as Company Secretary. However this is not true! If you are sincere and dedicated then the college extends support for you to go ahead and follow your passion. I was able to complete my BBA along with my CS course due to the support of the college.

Aishwarya Sai Somayajula (SIMC)

It is generally thought that the academic extension to a BBA is a regular MBA. However it was at FBA (Formerly NRBBA) that the world of Mass Media and Communication was introduced to me. Through my time at college I actively participated in events and activities which assisted my understanding of mass communication which led me to pursue my education at SIMC.

Hitesh Rangwani (Manager, SBI)

Education should lead to a steady career which gives ample opportunities for growth. The teaching and learning environment here prepares one to step up in your professional world by focusing on key leadership skills. I was fortunate to be part of the educational experience imparted here which has been a strong foundation for my career growth.

Faraz Wadwania (Venture Capitalist)

Even before entrepreneurship became the buzzword, me and my friends used to talk about opening our own ventures. The training that we received at FBA (Formerly NRBBA) in many ways pivotal in our growth. One of the best parts of my association with my college is that I am invited to talk to my juniors. This helps create a wonderful network which transgresses batches.

Kaushambi Bhatt (National Award Winner, Hellaro Fame)

Much before I was part of the National Award Winning movie Hellaro, I was keenly involved in the dance and drama related activities at FBA (Formerly NRBBA). Understanding the individual talents of students and then giving them a platform to nurture and grow is core to this college.

Hardik Panchamatiya (IIM A, Research Assistant)

My leanings towards academics was very evident since I was in college. While my classmates were going towards corporates I was more inclined towards research in the academic field. The academic tools that I gathered while doing my BBA from FBA (Formerly NRBBA) helped me to be part of IIM Ahmedabad as a research assistant.

Nidhi Jangid (Budding Student of the Year)

The shift from school to college is difficult, however at FBA (Formerly NRBBA) I was assisted at every step in this. I became more assertive in my approach and this coupled with the strong academic inputs helped me capitalize on my academic achievements. Additionally I was consistently mentored and trained to participate at National Level Management Festivals and this resulted in me winning prizes for my outstanding performance in Academic Events.

Hitakshi Bhutaiya (Organizing Committee Member)

Generally colleges are divided into cliques of those who focus on studies, the sports champs and the extra-curricular teams. However this is not the case at FBA (Formerly NRBBA)! I was given opportunities to carry on my extra-curricular activities as part of the OC team along with being able to score high in my academic pursuits. This balanced approach of development is the key reason why I have been able to get calls from most of the prominent IIMs. The teaching is extra-mural and so is the learning.

Sapan Gupta (President, Ventus The Sports Club)

We are given the freedom to head the clubs in a direction which we find apt. The supervision by the college is purely in the form of guidance and we are encouraged to use the management theories learnt in a practical way. Being able to manage the entire sports team, across all game forms, teaches you core lessons of leadership and management in an organic way.

Shreyansh Patel (Organizing Committee Member)

I started off as a volunteer for the events at college. My seniors saw the potential I had in organizing events, from design to execution, and elected me to the OC team. My greatest learning happened when for three years in a row we organized the National Level Management Festival Vishleshan+ which became a national phenomenon.

Naman Jain (President, Acoustic Club)

There is always one of the other activity that you can be a part of at FBA (Formerly NRBBA)! A few of us got together to start the music club and the college supported us. In no time from jamming in canteen we were headlining major events within and outside the college. Basically being in a club lets your experiment with all the management theories that you learn! It is a wonderful experience.

Taquir Admani (President, Humor Hub)

Getting up on the stage a talking to a large crowd was something that I had never done, and it was a scary prospect. But being in management studies you cannot shy away from facing the crowd. This opportunity presented itself when I was given a chance to perform stand-up comedy within and outside the college. It really opens up never before known avenues!