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Faculty of Business Administration (Formerly known as N R Institute of Business Administration) has been bridging the chasm between corporate expectations and undergraduate management education for the past 23 years. We are committed to develop a workforce of the future which will not only help in nation development, but will further contribute on a global scale.

Our 3-year BBA programme pivots on the realization that knowledge and learners are ever evolving. This motivates us to design contemporary syllabus, which aids the student to match up to the challenges of the real world. Innovation in teaching, research and assessment characterizes the educational philosophy of FBA-NRBBA.

Students from Gujarat and neighboring states come to FBA-NRBBA for the rich exposure that they receive during the course of their 3-year study at our college.

To sustain a vibrant learning environment that fosters knowledge, skills, attitudes and values; and facilitates intellectual, social and emotional growth of students.

To be recognized amongst the best under-graduate B-schools in India, by ensuring that our students emerge well-equipped to thrive in an ever-changing business environment.

The business world today has become more dynamic than ever. There is a constant pressure to innovate and deliver, no matter what the circumstances. With this scenario in mind, we at FBA-NRBBA believe in being not simply another college offering a three-year degree, but an undergraduate B-school. We spare no effort in making our course a journey in the pursuit of excellence, by focusing on academics, industrial exposure, all-round growth and personal values. Over the years, with the constant support and encouragement of the GLS management, NRBBA has been able to earn repute as an institution striving towards the complete growth of students by putting in that extra mile, giving everything that extra thought, and always being there for our students.

Apart from academic rigor, our activities ensure that students are imbibed with leadership, entrepreneurial and managerial skills. One of our most distinguishing characteristics is our faculty team – highly experienced, profoundly committed and deeply concerned for every student who enters the college. On its part, the institute believes in drawing inspiration from the words of our Executive Vice President, Shri Sudhir Nanavati, “Train the trainers” and ensures that they get ample opportunities for their own development, through regular faculty development workshops, focus on research and continuous skills upgradation.

We are both proud of and humbled by the achievements of our students. While their outstanding academic results at all Gujarat University examinations assure us that our academic processes are going in the right direction, their admission to prestigious institutes as IIM, Nirma University, EDI, PDPU and IBS tell us that the rigorous efforts put into all-round development have paid off. The positive response of companies as IBM Daksh, ICICI Bank and SBI Life Insurance recruiting our students proves the employability and industry acceptance of our students is a great motivator. At the same time, we are humbled, because we know that we have ‘miles to go before we sleep’; and a lot of investment in the same direction, to achieve our vision of being one of the best undergraduate B-schools in India.

I welcome you to this website, to have a glimpse of who we are and what we do.

Dr. Avani Desai

Roadmap to Infinite Learning

Four pillared teaching-learning philosophy

Year Concepts Skills Values Communication Skills
FY Fundamentals of business management, Time management Observe and connect Respect Search and sift
SY Technological knowledge, sense of responsibility Self-management and Team work Believe Deliver output
TY Ethics in business, decision making, cross disciplinary applications. Critical and Analytical thinking Change Problem solution and defend